Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Homeschool Churches?

I wonder what it would be like to attend a church in which the leadership and most of the members of the body followed Biblical mandates for women to focus on their homes and homeschool our children. It can be difficult for me at times to be ministered to by those who do not agree enough with my view of the Bible to live a home-centered lifestyle themselves.

This is a difficult issue for me. I feel that the Spirit led us to our present church and there are many good things there. But I always have an unrest in my Spirit when leadership discusses the fact that they are pleased that their children are attending public schools. How can this be?

I feel at times that I almost want to surround myself and my young family with homeschoolers only because other Christian homeschoolers seem to be the only ones who truly respect and understand the decisions our family has made regarding our home-centered lifestyle.

Is it wrong to somewhat isolate your family, especially when your children are young and impressionable? Is it wrong for me to only seek out support from godly homeschooling ladies because others may steer me wrong and I too am a newbie in the affairs of Christian homeschooling? I once went to a Bible study in which in the first minutes of my first class I was treated to a discussion of the other moms about how they could not wait until their toddler children were in school so that they could have more free time. I had to fight the urge to flee before I even began!

The above are questions that my husband and I are discussing and I am praying mightily about.

Yet another reason why prayer, not curriculum, conferences or materials, is the cornerstone of my homeschool.

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