Friday, May 06, 2005

Victory in Courts for Homeschoolers

The court has dropped its actions seeking to invalidate homeschooling as a method of approved education for those receiving benefits from the Veterans Administration.

To summarize in my non-legally educated way: A father was seeking benefits for his son that were available to those receiving an approved education. Homeschool will now be considered an approved education by the VA. For all the legalese details, click here.

I take this victory to be another sign that like it or not, homeschooling is moving into the mainstream.

I pray that veteran homeschoolers will be welcoming to the next wave of diverse homeschoolers. I know that where there is diversity, there can be tension. My prayer is that even though newer homeschoolers may have a variety of reasons for homeschooling and a variety of perspectives, veterans of the movement will be welcoming and supportive.

We can not put the toothpaste back in the tube! Those who fought for homeschooling freedoms won the right for all to homeschool. I hope that all will join us!

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