Sunday, May 01, 2005

Prayers for Ill Homeschool Mom

I have a heavy heart today despite an awesome service at church this morning. One of the local homeschool moms here is very ill with cancer. I am resisting feelings of despair and defeat because I have promised to pray for her and her family. I know that my faith has to be front and center. So I plod on, asking God to give me the strength to carry on and continue to believe for her healing.

This morning at church we had a guest speaker (Gary Spicer from England) who talked about the difficult circumstances that even the staunchest of believers will face. He discussed examples from his own life of how some prayers are answered and illnesses are healed while in other cases prayers seem to go unheeded.

He did not offer any pat rationalizations for these occurrences. He only reminded us that regardless of how our circumstances may appear, we have a choice. In every instance we have a choice of how to respond to life's circumstances and we can do so through the lens of faith or through the lens of negativity.

His words particularly touched me this morning.

Homeschooling is very important to me, both personally and for its role in American society. I feel called to mother, write, teach and preach and I am not sure exactly how those roles are to be fulfilled. Our family's financial situation is precarious at best. The house is too messy and Chase did not practice his writing yesterday.

The above-mentioned items are nothing, nothing at all in the life plan that God has for me. Small potatoes, those things! I am here to live life abundantly, no matter what and to serve Him in whatever way I can all the time. I am to worry and be anxious for nothing. I will seek Him and His Kingdom and let Him do the rest.

I assume a humble posture of gratitude as I acknowledge all the blessings God Has poured upon me and my family and I am practically breathless at the remembering. I mighty God indeed and I will remain in His shadow for life.

I also ask that anyone reading this blog would pray for Cathy, a fellow Christian homeschool mom. Please pray for her complete healing, pray for her children and for her husband. Thank you so much and may God richly bless you and keep you.

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