Saturday, May 21, 2005

More School Needed?

Even as these education officials extol the virtues of getting education into kids as early as possible by expanding their preK programs, other topics of interest to this district include bad behavior on buses, labeling and disciplining special ed kids and the need for more security cameras.

And parents want their children sent into this madness even earlier?

I am becoming more aware of the push of education officials to remove children from their parents at even earlier ages to try to fix what is wrong with American education and what is wrong with American education.

Their scheme to get children into their system earlier will not work. As they try to distance parents from their young children, the same forces are claiming that are educational systems would be improved with greater parental involvement. And the trend of homeschooling is catching on across the country as even Ivy League schools recognize that children educated with intense involvement of parents is good for children's learning.

So if we look at what works in education, it seems to involve greater parental involvement, not increased involvement of educational institutions. Our schools are crumbling, children are acting out, teachers are disgruntled and employers are fed up.

But we trust the educational system to expand their role in our children's lives? I don't think so.


J C said...

Very good point. Very good post.

Grizzly Mama said...


It bothers me that the idea of children being separated from their parents at an ever earlier age is commonly accepted as a good idea and solution to all of our ills.

It's a lie.

Linda Kelley said...

Being a better (not perfect, but involved, caring, etc.)parent is the answer (which can only occur with God's help) not giving our children over to "better" institutions even earlier.

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Linda Wakefield Kelley