Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Jesus by Leith Anderson

I am reviewing the book "Jesus" by Leith Anderson for Mind and Media (see my previous post here to find out more and even sign up to be a reviewer yourself).

What a terrific experience so far! I am only at the "Wedding at Cana" but already I feel that the book has enhanced my knowledge of the Bible in general and of Jesus' life specifically.

The book details the life of Jesus by combining all four Gospels into one very compelling story. I also particularly like the sidebars that detail historical information relevant to the times of Jesus' life. For example, the author gives a detailed comparison of Pharisees versus Sadducees.

I was watching a video of the birth of Christ with Chase yesterday and that was when I realized how "Jesus" really enhanced my experience of the Gospels. As the video showed Mary riding the donkey as she and Joseph approached the inn, I could feel her fatigue, a 9-month pregnant woman, so far from home, afraid, wondering if her baby will be OK without any of her kinswomen to help her deliver her baby. This was her first pregnancy after all!

Many of us remember that nesting instinct we had in the last weeks or days of our pregnancies. In fact, traditional clinical descriptions of OB doctors call the due date the EDC or the Estimated Date of Confinement. This confinement was not meant to be some cruel act of bondage for pregnant women (despite what the feminists might have you believe!) but was meant to give a woman rest and the presence of mind to face the impending birth.

Imagine, if instead of decorating your nursery, you were traveling on dusty, dangerous trails without so much as a comfortable place to use the restroom! Remember how often you have to 'go' at the end?

I never had such a view of what Mary had to go through to give birth to our Savior.

Speaking of OUR SAVIOR, check out Mrs. Happy Houswife's blog for a great visual.

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