Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Importance of Creativity

I forgot to mention in my previous post about Preschool Essentials the issue of creativity. I would add to my list encouraging creativity as an important part of early childhood education. I was considered a creative child. I liked to write and tell stories. Through years (many years) of formal, intense schooling, I "lost" my creative abilities. My husband loved to draw and was quite good at it as a kid but he too seemed to 'lose' some of his creative abilities. My husband and I decided very early on that no matter which type of curriculum or educational approach we used, we did not want Chase to lose the creative abilities he was born with. So far, God has blessed Chase with an incredible imagination and the ability to make up games, stories and even his own toys for hours on end.

Only recently have I come to fully appreciate God's desire for all of us to be creative. He is, after all, the Father of Creation and the Ultimate Creativity Guide. Who needs a muse when one has the Holy Spirit of the Creator of the Universe at our disposal? I have come to understand for my own life that to have creative abilities and choose not to use them is a sin.

After years of ignoring any creative urges and practicing delayed obedience to God ("I'll work on becoming a writer later"), I am now walking in God's will for my life and developing my creative abilities. "God, I finally accept the responsibilities you have for me and I will devote my life to the full expression of my gifts for your glory." has become my prayer.

May I also raise my children in such a way that they will always walk within God's will and fully utilize all of their creative gifts. I pray that Chase and Alyssa will never need to recover lost creativity.

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