Saturday, May 07, 2005

The Good Mother

A friend and I talked today about what it means to be a good mother. Although the specifics of the meaning may vary from mom to mom, it seems obvious that some characteristics of a mom are essential for the proper functioning of a successful society. Moms nurture families and create environments that foster spiritual, intellectual and physical growth of all family members, including herself. When any of these aspects of a mom's life break down, the mom herself begins to breakdown and experience feelings of remorse, shame or guilt.

What is a mom to do? First of all, as a Christian wife and mother, I must constantly remind myself that without Christ, I can do nothing. So, if I begin to have problems fulfilling my roles, I must ask myself where is the Christ in my life. Secondly, I must ask for continual guidance and the molding of my will to God's will as I am working to accomplish all that I do each day. If I am feeling that life is too stressful, chaotic or just unfulfilling, I must find out why that is happening. Jesus came that we should have life and have it abundantly so a life limited by frustration is surely not in His will. Am I actually doing what it is that God has for me to do? Or I am doing too much or too little? Moving too quickly or too slowly? Only through prayer and time with my Bible can I get myself straightened out again.

Most importantly, Moms must remember that although our hearts may be pure, we will still make mistakes. We will sin. We are not bound by our sins. Jesus died on the cross for our sins. If we are willing to ask forgiveness and move in a different direction away from the sin, we can leave that sin behind and live the life that God has planned for us.

Many complain that life for moms is unfair. Too much is expected from moms and moms do not get enough support. "Why should I be expected to play all of these roles? What is in it for me?" The answer we must live the lives that God wants us to live to support his Kingdom. What we get in return is no less than eternal life. And never forget, moms have plenty of support. God will always "have your back" and he will be there for you no matter your circumstance. A lot is expected from moms because we have a lot to give. God will never ask us for more than he knows we can give and he will never place on us more than we can bear.

Our merciful and forgiving God will never shame us or send guilt and condemnation to our door. That is the work of the enemy and should be resisted as such. We may feel convicted to change our ways, leading to a positive move towards God. Feelings of guilt and punishment, however, serve to move us away from God, feeling unworthy of his love and forgiveness.

Today, as we approach Mother's Day, it is my prayer that all the moms reading this blog will grow closer to him so that we might glorify him and server him and our families well all the days of our lives.

Thank you for reading.

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