Monday, May 09, 2005

Christian Homeschool Mom

Check out this story about a Christian homeschooling Mom who recently decided to remove all of her children from public school and homeschool them.

She believes that public schools have an anti-Christian bias. I agree. Despite laws governing free speech in this country, it does seem that Christian students are discouraged from sharing their beliefs in schools for fear of being accused of proselytizing.

However, those sharing other beliefs do not seem to come under the same scrutiny. I recently met a New Age healer who went into the public schools to teach students about energy healing and breathing methods based on Qigong and other Eastern philosophies. I wonder if he would be accused of proselytizing for presenting his strong views about the wonders of the Eastern philosophy he practices. I wonder how many parents knew what he was going to be teaching their children that day.

Public schools are not devoid of religion. The atheism, socialism and secular humanism on which public schools were formed are also belief systems. Parents fool themselves when they think that there is no religion in schools. It may not be Christianity but whenever you are teaching the next generation, morals and values must be communicated to those who are being taught.

If you are a Christian parent who feels spiritual growth and development are an important part of the Biblical mandate for raising children, consider homeschooling your children. One or two hours of Sunday School each week may not be enough. Public education will discourage any attention to spiritual matters whatsoever and your child's heart will not be nourished by the public school environment.

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