Friday, April 29, 2005

Why Homeschool? Schools Won't Change!

I made a comment over at LaShawn Barber's blog in response to her comment that parents should homeschool. She wrote this in her post about the 5-year old hauled away from school in handcuffs.

I responded that it was indeed time for parents to stop waiting for the "system" to change or do something for them and I said that this is particularly true for black students who fare so much worse than others. The little girl in handcuffs was black.

My comments got ripped apart by one woman who felt that I was saying that homeschoolers were better than other children and she stated that homeschool students were actually worse off than others because they are too sheltered.

But the most interesting part of her response was her opinion of public schools. She hates the moral relativism of schools, feels that schools discipline policies are lacking and she admits that she was bullied in school.

I was floored by this. At least if she was going to oppose homeschooling, I thought she should have something good to say about the alternate system in which she feels we should keep our children.

But no. The current system sucks but she has no solution readily available.

The article that I have referenced above written by David Kirkpatrick of the U.S. Freedom Foundation states that for years groups have underestimated the ability of public education to resist change. In another article he says he can sum this up in 6 letters: NEA and AFT, the two major teacher's unions.

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