Monday, April 11, 2005

Online Conventions: Education Topics

I am learning so much from my wonderful online homeschool buddies!

My knowledge has increased so much in such a short amount of time that I feel I must get the word out about the homeschool blogosphere to every homeschooling family as well as those considering homeschooling. Most homeschool moms I meet here in Ohio do not know what a blog is. I would like to change that.

Here is my latest discovery:

The concept of online conventions intrigues me so let me tell you about two of them.

Check out the Carnival of Education over at Education Wonks. Bloggers writing about any topic in education are welcome to add a relevant post to the carnival. Contributions are due by tomorrow at 10 pm.

The next deadline is for Spunky Homeschool's online homeschool convention. We bloggers get to be the esteemed speakers(er, writers) for the big event. E-mail your homeschool-related post to Spunky by April 20, 2005 for the convention on April 21, 2005. See her post here for all the details.

Get those keyboards going and submit your articles today!

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Spunky said...

Most bloggers call them carnivals but I called mine a convention because that has a little bit more meaning to homeschoolers. Thanks for the plug. We already have a few entries coming in so keep getting the word out.