Tuesday, April 05, 2005

New Christian Homeschool Internet Radio Station

I am thrilled to announce that I found this terrific new Internet radio station and my family and I have been listening to it almost nonstop since I learned about it a few days ago. Radiograce.org is amazing!

You can have great Christian music from various genres playing in the background while you use the computer.

But the best news of all: it is completely commercial free! Commercials, lots of them, are my complaint about our local Christian station. Radiograce.org is a refreshing change.

And for you techies out there- my husband recorded 3 hours of the station and put it on my iPod. Now I can listen to the station as I am falling asleep or hook it up to our mini-speakers in any room of our house.

I recommend this application for your listening pleasure.


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