Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A Mom's Life-and Meatloaf Pizza

A very busy day today. Started off pretty well- we had a breakfast celebration because I won a national writing contest and scored myself an iPod. All for writing about my family! More details to come soon- I just feel like I want to be absolutely sure before I post for all to see...

But then Alyssa woke up too early from her nap, I was upset because then I could not get any writing done, I cleaned up instead which felt good. Then, I actually made up a creative idea for dinner and it was a huge hit (even with my picky kids).

Over the weekend, I came up with the idea of a BBQ Hamburger Pizza in part because of a great recipe posted on Andrea's blog. I used BBQ sauce instead of tomato sauce and added crumbled, drained ground beef then topped with chopped onions and mozzarella cheese. It was quite tasty (even my-very-honest-if-he-does-not-like-my cooking husband said so!)

Then I made some meatloaf which we pretty much ate for lunch and dinner. A little tired of the meatloaf, I decided to try an experiment. I created almost the same pizza as the BBQ Hamburger but instead of ground beef, I used the meatloaf instead. What a great way to deal with leftover meatloaf (you know, like after the ground beef was on sale and you bought a large quantity.)

Dinner was good but then Chase had watermelon for dessert. Watermelon is a diuretic and Chase has been known to prefer playing to remembering to go potty from time to time so he had a small accident on his way to the bathroom.

Without any prompting or scolding (I never scold him for that as he feels badly enough about it on his own) he said "Mommy, it's not my fault. It's my private area's fault. It let the pee out." I tried my best to keep from laughing.

Then it was bedtime which is activation time in my house. See my Wonder Twins post on my Joyful Parent blog. Sam and Chase were running around in some male bonding frenzy so much that Chase got sick to his stomach and then he promptly reported that he needed to eat more dinner since his dinner was all gone. So past his bedtime, he is eating soup, Alyssa is pretending to be a monster (something she learned from big brother) and just sighed and accepted the fact that we would all be going to bed late tonight.

On that note, I am off to bed...

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