Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Mommy Confessions-Again

Have you ever been having so much fun playing together as a family that you lost track of time and stayed up way too late? Or worse yet, did you ever realize that it was getting late and still let everyone stay up and have fun?

A combination of the two factors happened yesterday in our home. After a freak snowstorm over the weekend, we were so excited yesterday for the temperatures in the seventies. I really did not complain too much about the snow because Chase and I took advantage of the late snowfall to make one last snowman. I am glad that we enjoyed the snow because the balmy summertime temperatures arrived yesterday.

Chase and Alyssa were so cute together, holding hands chasing birds in the backyard. Then Alyssa was pushing her lawnmower and Chase his vintage GI Joe sandloader (Dad's old toy)as I sat reflecting on what a blessed life I lead. It is not perfect but I have so much to be grateful for everyday.

May I never forget that. Maybe I can get everyone to take a nap today.

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