Monday, April 25, 2005

Little Green Peas

Little green peas brightly contrast the beige carpet. Shiny credit cards peek out among the socks in the drawer. A carton of sour cream hides among the fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator vegetable crisper. Life seems to be a juxtaposition of unlikely objects in my role as mother of an adventurous, curious toddler. The daily life of a toddler is a series of the struggles highlighting opposing pairings. From sucking their thumbs and wanting to be held like a little baby to demanding to dress themselves, toddler behavior is a study of opposites. The mother’s life too reflects the often uneasy pairing of the polished professional woman with the sometimes frazzled, uncertain or exasperated mother of a young child. There is I believe a lesson to be learned in these contrasts. Life is enriched by the unexpected, popping up in refreshing ways, keeping us alert and reminding us not to sit too comfortably in one place for too long. A spatula hiding under the bed? Well, why not?

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