Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Black Homeschoolers in the News

More Black families are choosing are choosing home education according to a recent article in the Agape Press and many more highly publicized stories on national television and in other mainstream media.

It should be obvious that Black parents such as myself are no different than other parents in that we want our children to succeed academically to the best of their potential and we would like their formative years to be free from ungodly influences as much as possible.

I say shame on those who make Black homeschooling parents feel guilty because we will not allow our children to suffer at the hands of violence and low expectations in the name of racial solidarity.

Homeschooling is the best choice for Black Christian families who want to have a very active role in guiding their children's moral, spiritual and academic development.

To read this article about the rise in Black homeschooling families, click here.

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Spunky said...


Glad you submitted something to the Carnival. Check out this post today on my blog about what black parents are being told in Decatur Indiana. With more forums like this I think the number of black homeschool families is going to sky rocket.

Here's the link,