Monday, April 18, 2005

Another Beautiful Day

Sunny and warm. These are two words we have not heard together in a while up here in Ohio. It is so nice to sit in the sun again. I love running around the backyard with Chase and watching Alyssa enjoy the birds.

Speaking of Alyssa, unfortunately, she has a superior memory for the traumatic. I was preheating the oven and the fumes from the oven cleaner must have set off the smoke detector because it started screeching "FIRE, FIRE" and beeping very loudly (as I hope it will do in a real fire).

Alyssa was so frightened by this that she did not want to come into the dining room where the noisy contraption had been (my husband temporarily took it down so I could finish cooking).

Otherwise, Alyssa's memory seems pretty poor. I must say several times each day "Did not Mommy tell you we don't put small pieces of tissue in our ears, we don't put our fingers in our nose or we don't pinch people." For some reason, she can not seem to remember any of these basic instructions.

Oh well. For the next little while, I will just take down the detector while I am baking until the fumes burn off. My poor baby.

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