Monday, March 21, 2005

They Need More Time!

I have been busy working on articles and preparing to formally launch by parent coaching service on the Internet. There have been many glitches and groans as I have proceeded over the past few days. The glitches have been mainly technical (my website is still not up) and the groans have been from Chase- as in "Oh Mommy not again! Your not doing your work on the computer again!" he laments.

I have an internal clock also that alerts me when I have been ignoring the wee ones for long enough and I need to take a break. The problem is, I sometimes go past that point. Pushing it is not good for anybody and the whole household ends up feeling off-center for a while as I attempt to compensate. Compensating is fun as I read a silly poem to Chase or make funny faces at Alyssa.

I realize that balance is the most important characteristic that I can cultivate right now. I pray to God that I will never forget what is most important.

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