Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Diaper Basketball?

Forgive the ranting of this post as I have been up nearly all night with a feverish little boy and a teething little girl. There will be no sleep for the weary as I have 2 articles due.

I thought I was seeing things as I witnessed first my 15-month old take her dirty diaper and throw it over the railing into the dining room below. Next, Chase went and retrieved it and then proceeded to do the same thing only I heard a cheer as the heavy, soggy thing landed with a thud. He had thrown the diaper into a wide-mouthed trash container that we keep near the entrance of the kitchen for junk mail. But it gets even better. My husband hears the commotion, retrieves the diaper out of the container with the papers in it, comes upstairs and proceeds to make a basket himself.

Am I nuts or just really tired? Who invented this game anyway?

Well I'm too tired to play today but maybe I should join in and see what all the fun is about.

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