Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Abortion is Wrong: Even Children Know It

Chase, at age 4, already has commented on the sin of killing unborn babies. This issue came up as we were reading a book about sharks who cannibalize their unborn young.

Chase is fascinated by biology. He wants to know how everything works "on the inside" and I have been more than happy to indulge him in this unit study. Along with books from the library, I purchased a book from Sam's Club called "Uncover A Shark" by David George Gordon, a 3-D book with a model of a dissected shark inside in layers.

Apparently, unborn great white shark pups become cannibals and eat the unfertilized eggs in their mother's womb as they are waiting to be born. I tried to skip over reading this part but it did not work. Chase saw this and became very upset. "That baby shark is eating the mommy shark's eggs. That is not right, mommy! That is wrong! There could be a little baby shark inside that egg that will not be born if the other shark eats it! The one baby shark is killing another baby shark!"

"You are right Chase. Some things happen in life that are just plain wrong."

I did not know what else to say.
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